Dublin-based Solidroad secures .2M for enterprise SaaS

By Tech.eu

Solidroad, an AI-powered platform for to hiring, onboarding, and training has successfully raised $1.2M. The funding round was led by Dan Kiely (co-founder of Voxpro), Jack Pierce (co-founder of Wayflyer), Ciaran Lee (co-founder of Intercom), Anne Heraty of CPL, and Louise Phelan, former PayPal executive. Their combined expertise and support underscore the transformative potential of Solidroad’s technology.

Solidroad was founded by Mark Hughes and Patrick Finlay, who met while working at Intercom. Mark, who previously founded and sold Gradguide, a mentorship and training platform, realised the challenges of scaling personalised training and assessment. Inspired by the transformative power of AI, he partnered with Patrick, who had showcased the impressive capabilities of AI in a language learning app he built. Their vision: to provide personalised assessment and training at scale for large enterprises using cutting-edge AI technology.

“Solidroad currently is like a ‘flight-simulator’ for customer facing teams,” explains Mark Hughes, co-founder and CEO of Solidroad. “Our software allows CX agents to practise realistic conversations with AI prospects and customers, receiving personalised performance feedback from our AI coach. This approach significantly enhances skills, reduces ramp times, and increases training effectiveness.”

Solidroad’s platform has garnered attention from industry leaders, with design partner customers such as ActiveCampaign, Ryanair, and Three Mobile experiencing the benefits of personalised, scalable training. The software’s ability to simulate real customer interactions and deliver personalised training at scale is particularly advantageous for companies with high volumes of customer engagements and ongoing staff training needs.

“We’re excited to use this investment to bring our vision to more businesses, helping them improve their training processes and ultimately their customer experience outcomes,” says Patrick Finlay, co-founder and CTO of Solidroad. “This funding is a testament to the hard work of our team and the trust our investors have in our potential.”

The newly secured funds will be used to expand Solidroad’s team, accelerate product development, and advancement of AI capabilities. With a focus on providing hiring, onboarding, and training solutions, Solidroad is poised to lead the way in enterprise training innovation.

Source: Tech.eu