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SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Today, GaiaNet announced it has raised a $10 million Series Seed Round funding.

Today, GaiaNet, a pioneering, new AI infrastructure project that aims to decentralize current AI agent softwares, announced it has raised a $10 million Series Seed Round funding, with key strategic advisors that include Generative Ventures’s Lex Sokolin, Republic Capital’s Brian Johnson, 7RIDGE’s Shawn Ng, Kishore Bhatia, EVM Capital, Mirana Ventures, Mantle EcoFund and ByteTrade Lab.

GaiaNet stands as a trailblazer in decentralized AI technology, dedicated to reshaping the tech industry with a focus on user privacy, transparency, and control. Our cutting-edge open network infrastructure empowers users by ensuring privacy and censorship resistance in daily AI activities through a dynamic network of peer-to-peer edge nodes. This framework fosters the creation and collaboration of innovative AI business ecosystems, benefiting both private data holders and developers. GaiaNet aims to revolutionize the user experience with AI agents, seamlessly introducing transformative changes while preserving the intuitive technology and satisfaction currently existing in the Web2 era.

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Source: VC News Daily