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Before November 2022, OpenAI was a little-known startup in the US. However, that very month, the company unveiled a chatbot, ChatGPT, which in just two months crossed 100 Mn monthly active users, making it the fastest-growing consumer application in history. 

OpenAI’s GPT-3, a large language model (LLM), has since paved the way for GPT-4 and $11 Bn+ in funding for OpenAI, mostly from Microsoft.

At the time when OpenAI was making waves across the globe, India’s GenAI ecosystem was still very much in its infancy.

However, the country’s GenAI space seems to have made massive strides since then. Not only have we been able to mint India’s first AI unicorn, Krutrim, but also attracted major interest from investors and entrepreneurs to cause a stir in this space.   

Consequently, India is home to more than 100 GenAI startups and these startups have raised more than $600 Mn since 2019.

Spearheading this transition are names like SarvamAI and Krutrim, which are focussed on building Indic LLMs, while others like ObserveAI, having secured $214 Mn, are leveraging AI to offer customised customer and operational support to businesses. 

Today, a large number of startups across sectors and industries, from OYO to Unacademy, are seen using this emerging technology to streamline user experience and operations.

According to Inc42, India’s GenAI market is expected to see a major boom in the coming years and is projected to cross the $17 Bn mark by 2030. 

In line with the growing market opportunity in this space, we have endeavoured to collate a list of Indian startups that are causing a stir in the rapidly evolving Indian GenAI space.

(Note: The startups below have been listed in the order of the amount of funding raised since their incorporation. This is not an exhaustive list, we will be updating it periodically. If you would like to refer a GenAI startup to be featured in this list, write to us @ [email protected])

Startup NameTarget IndustriesSectorHQFounding YearLast Funding StageFunding YearLast Funding Amount (USD)Total Funding Amount (USD)Major Investors
Observe AIHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2017Late Stage2022125,000,000214,020,000Zoom, Bossanova Investimentos, Y Combinator, Menlo Ventures, Nexus Venture Partners
PixisHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2020Late Stage2022100,000,000124,000,000General Atlantic, Celesta Capital, Chiratae Ventures, SoftBank Vision Fund, Exfinity Venture Partners
Ola KrutrimHorizontalLLM ModelBengaluru2024Seed Stage202450,000,00050,000,000Matrix Partners
Sarvam AIHorizontalLLM ModelBengaluru2023Growth Stage202341,000,00041,000,000Peak XV Partners, Khosla Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Avaamo AIHorizontalText & ChatbotsLos Altos2014Growth Stage20217,000,00030,500,000Intel Capital, Streamlined Ventures, WI Harper Group
SenseforthHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2017Growth Stage202114,000,00016,000,000Tenity, Fractal Analytics
InVideoHorizontalAudio & VideoCalifornia, US2019Growth Stage202015,000,00018,200,000Peak XV Partners, Tiger Global, Hummingbird, RTP Global
Rephrase AIHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2019Growth Stage202312,200,00012,200,000Techstars, Silver Lake, 8VC, Red Ventures, AV8 Ventures
MURFAIHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2020Growth Stage202210,000,00011,500,000Matrix Partners, Elevation Capital
DhiWiseHorizontalCode & DataSurat2021Growth Stage20227,000,0009,500,000Accel, India Quotient, Dholakia Ventures
SpyneEcommerce/RetailImage Generation & EditingDelhi NCR2018Growth Stage20227,000,0007,000,000Accel, AngelList India, Storm Ventures, Abhishek Deo, Pentathlon Ventures
LimeChatEcommerce/RetailText & ChatbotsDelhi NCR2020Seed Stage20225,000,0005,000,000Stellaris Venture Partners, Google, IFC, Pi Ventures
QpiAIHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2019Seed Stage20234,840,0004,840,000We Founder Circle,
KombaiHorizontalCode & DataPune2022Seed Stage20234,500,0004,500,000Foundation Capital, Stellaris Venture Partners
ContloHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2021Seed Stage20223,500,0004,300,000Titan Capital, Better Capital, Arjun Vaidya, Varun Alagh, Kae Capital
ScalenutHorizontalText & ChatbotsDelhi NCR2020Seed Stage20223,100,0003,500,000Titan Capital, Saama Capital, AngelList India, Amit Singhal, First Principles
BlendEcommerce/RetailImage Generation & EditingBengaluru2021Seed Stage20223,140,0003,140,000Surge Ventures, Surge, PointOne Capital
ZocketHorizontalImage Generation & EditingBengaluru2021Seed Stage20223,022,2533,022,254Kalaari Capital, Kettleborough VC, Jasminder Gulati
AlltiusHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2022Seed Stage20232,400,0002,400,000Stellaris Venture Partner, Gemba Capital, peercheque
vPhraseHorizontalCode & DataMumbai2015Growth Stage20192,000,0002,000,000Alpha Wave Global, CIIE.CO, Artha Group, Bharat Innovation Fund, Target Accelerator
Dubdub AIHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2021Seed Stage20221,800,0001,800,000Waveform Ventures, Accel Atoms, Forward Capital Fund, Force Ventures
Gnani AIHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2016Growth Stage20191,800,0001,800,000Samsung Ventures
Floworks AIHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2021Seed Stage20231,500,0001,500,000SenseAI Ventures, Y Combinator, Entrepreneur First, AWS
Good MeetingsHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2021Seed Stage20231,500,0001,500,000Chiratae Ventures, AWS, MassChallenge, FortyTwo VC
VisualDubHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2021Seed Stage20221,500,0001,500,000Exfinity Venture Partners, AWS
Orbo AIEcommerce/RetailImage Generation & EditingMumbai2019Seed Stage20191,500,0001,500,000Venture Catalysts, YourNest Venture Capital, AWS, Founders Factory, GenNext Ventures
Wokelo AIHorizontalCode & DataSeattle2022Seed Stage20231,500,0001,500,000Untapped Capital, Pack Ventures, SeaChange, Array Ventures, Upsparks
WorkHackHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2023Seed Stage20231,500,0001,500,000Nexus Venture Partners, Together Fund
VisualdubHorizontalAudio & VideoMumbai2021Seed Stage20221,450,0001,450,000Exfinity Venture Partners, RAAY Global Investments
KnorishEdtechCode & DataDelhi NCR2,016Seed Stage20211,400,0001,400,000Silverneedle Ventures, Inflection Point Ventures, 100X.VC, Google
NeuroPixelEcommerce/RetailImage Generation & EditingBengaluru2020Seed Stage2022500,0001,325,000Inflection Point Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Huddle, Flipkart Ventures, Dexter Angels
UnsqriptHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2021Seed Stage20221,300,0001,300,000Stellaris Venture Partners, Ghazal Alagh, Exfinity Venture Partners, Entreprenuer First
SegmindHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2022Seed Stage20211,000,0001,200,000100x Entrepreneur, All In Capital, WEH Ventures, Paradigm Shift Capital
Expertia AIHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2,020Seed Stage20221,125,0001,125,000Chiratae Ventures, Endiya Partners, Google, Entrepreneur First
Beatoven AIHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2021Seed Stage20221,000,0001,055,000Entrepreneur First, Redstart Labs
Hypergro.aiHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2022Seed Stage2023875,000875,000Dholakia Ventures, Huddle, TDV Partners, Silverneedle Ventures
Dubverse.aiHorizontalAudio & VideoDelhi NCR2021Seed Stage2022800,000800,000Kalaari Capital
SilcoFixHorizontalCode & DataDelhi NCR2023Growth Stage2023700,000770,000IvyCap Ventures, 8i Ventures
Vitra.aiHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2020Seed Stage2021537,000537,000100X.VC, Inflexor, 2AM VC
BaselitHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2023Seed Stage2023500,000500,000Y Combinator
PlayHTHorizontalAudio & VideoSan Francisco2022Seed Stage2023500,000500,000500 Global, Y Combinator
EubricsHorizontalCode & DataDelhi NCR2021Seed Stage2023N/A325,000Iterative
Slang LabsEcommerce/RetailText & ChatbotsBengaluru2017Seed Stage2021500,000500,000Endiya Partners, 100x Entrepreneur, Google
VodexHorizontalAudio & VideoBengaluru2022Seed Stage2023308,732308,732100X.VC
ArrowheadHorizontalCode & DataMumbai2022Seed StageN/AN/A300,000Rebalance, Campus Fund
Dubpro AIHorizontalAudio & VideoDelhi NCR2019Seed Stage2020300,000300,000Venture Catalysts, Anicut Angel Fund, First Cheque
REZOHorizontalText & ChatbotsDelhi NCR2018Seed Stage2020282,000282,000Indvest Ventures, Dexter Angels, Modulor Capital
LLMateHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2023Seed Stage2021271,000271,000100X.VC, 2AM VC
HexoHorizontalImage Generation & EditingBengaluru2022Seed Stage2022270,000270,000Antler India
KommunicateHorizontalText & ChatbotsMiddletown2020Seed Stage2023100,000243,000Upekkha AI SaaS Fund
AuraMLHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2022Seed Stage2023230,000230,000Indian Angel Network
Hyperleap AIHorizontalCode & DataHyderabad2018Seed Stage2022225,000225,000N/A
BoltzmannHealthcareCode & DataBengaluru2019Seed Stage2023N/A200,000AngelList India
MetabrixHorizontalImage Generation & EditingHyderabad2022Seed Stage2023156,250156,250100X.VC
Swasthya AIHealthcareText & ChatbotsPune2021Seed Stage2023156,250156,250Google, 100X.VC
Predis.aiHorizontalImage Generation & EditingPune2020Seed Stage2022154,000154,000Anicut Capital, Utpl Corporate Trustees, Suvardhan Associates.
LongShot AIHorizontalText & ChatbotsMumbai2021Seed Stage2022100,000100,000Upekkha Value SaaS Accelerator
syncsenseHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2022Seed Stage202253,00053,000Entrepreneur First
Scano AppHealthcareText & ChatbotsPune2018Seed StageN/AN/A48,800Google for Startups, NASSCOM DeepTech Club
Kroop AIHorizontalAudio & VideoGandhinagar2021Seed Stage202134,11634,116100X.VC
RioGPTHorizontalText & ChatbotsBengaluru2023Seed StageN/AN/AN/AN/A
JarvisLabsHorizontalCode & DataCoimbatore2019Seed Stage2023UndisclosedUndisclosedBestvantage Investments, Hem Securities
PersonateHorizontalAudio & VideoDelhi NCR2021Seed StageN/AN/AN/AN/A
SimplismartHorizontalCode & DataBengaluru2022Seed Stage2023N/A136,000Anicut Capital, First Cheque, Sunn91
Phot.AIHorizontalImage Generation & EditingDelhi NCR2022BootstrappedN/ABootstrappedBootstrappedBootstrapped

Meet The GenAI Startups Putting India On The Global AI Map

1. Observe AI

Founded in 2017 by Sharath Keshava Narayana and Swapnil Jain, Observe AI is a conversational intelligence platform for contact centres. 

Observe.AI has raised a total of $214 Mn in funding over 6 rounds. It bagged 125 Mn in its last funding round in 2022. 

The platform is supported by marquee investors such as Zoom, Bossanova Investimentos, Y Combinator, Menlo Ventures, and Nexus Venture Partners. It competes with the likes of companies like Noogata, TUNGEE, Osense Technology, Slang Labs, etc.

2. Pixis

Founded in 2020 by Harikrishna Valiyath, Shubham A Mishra, Vrushali Prasade, Pixis provides a codeless AI infrastructure platform for brands to monitor and orchestrate their marketing campaigns.

Since its inception, the startup has raised $209 Mn in capital. It raised $85 Mn in its last funding round in 2023. 

Pixis is backed by startups like Grupo Carso, General Atlantic, Celesta Capital and Chiratae Ventures. It competes with the likes of Utilidata, HeadSpin, and Navikenz in the larger AI-powered technology space.

3. Ola Krutrim 

Founded in 2022 by Ola and Ola Electric founder Bhavish Aggarwal, Krutrim is experimenting with GenAI to develop an India-specific LLM. The startup’s family of LLMs is said to be capable of working with 10 Indian languages. However, Krutrim has yet to release any publicly-available products.

The startup made headlines in January 2024 when it became the first pure-play AI startup in India to hit a unicorn valuation over its recent $50 Mn funding round. So far, it has secured $74 Mn in funding, becoming one of the most well-funded AI startups in the country, from backers such as Matrix Partners India.

The startup competes with the likes of Sarvam AI, Mistral AI, and DeepMind.

4. SarvamAI

Founded in 2023 by AI4Bharat creators Vivek Raghavan and Pratyush Kumar, SarvamAI aims to develop custom-made LLMs, specifically designed for India-centric use cases.

Backed by names such as Peak XV Partners and Khosla Ventures, the Bengaluru-based GenAI startup raised a Series A funding of $41 Mn (around INR 342 Cr) led by Lightspeed Venture Partners in December 2023.

5. Avaamo

Founded in 2014 by Ram Menon and Sriram Chakravarthy, Avaamo is a deep-learning software company that specialises in conversational interfaces to solve specific, high-impact problems in the enterprise tech realm. 

Avaamo is building fundamental AI technology across a broad area of neural networks, speech synthesis and deep learning to make conversational computing for businesses a reality.

Over the years, Avaamo has raised more than $30 Mn from the likes of Intel Capital, Ericsson Ventures, Streamlined Ventures, WI Harper Group and Mahindra Partners. It raised 7 Mn in its last funding round in 2021. 

Avaamo counts PolyAI, Zira, Odeza, and wrnchAI as its competitors.

6. InVideo

A brainchild of Sanket Shah, Harsh Vakharia and Pankit Chheda, InVideo was founded in 2019 as a web-based video editor that allowed users to convert existing pieces of static content into videos and add automated voice overs in native languages.

However, it has come a long way since then. Currently, the startup operates a full-fledged AI-powered video editing platform that leverages GenAI to create videos with just text prompts. Users just have to input the topic and the platform generates a script, adds scenes and voiceovers, among other things. 

The startup has raised capital to the tune of $18.2 Mn to date and is backed by marquee names such as Peak XV Partners, Tiger Global, Hummingbird, RTP Global and Base. It competes with the likes of Kapwing, Synthesia, Veed, and, among others.

7. Senseforth

Founded in 2017 by Krishna Kadiri, Ritesh Radhakrishnan, and Shridhar Marri, Senseforth is a leading Conversational AI solutions company that enables automated human-like conversations between organisations and people.

Since its inception, Avaamo has raised more than $16 Mn from the likes of Tenity and Fractal Analytics. It secured its last funding round of $14 Mn in 2021.

It competes with the likes of MoonShot AI, Locofy, and Suki.

8. Rephrase AI

Founded in 2019 by Ashray Malhotra, Nisheeth Lahoti and Shivam Mangla, Rephrase AI leverages GenAI to create professional videos with the ease of writing text within minutes. 

The growth-stage startup has raised a total funding of $12 Mn. In its last funding round, it raised $10.6 Mn in 2023.

The company counts Techstars, Silver Lake, 8VC, Red Ventures and AV8 Ventures among its investors. It competes with the likes of Imaginario AI, VideoDubber, MURFAI, etc. The Bengaluru-based AI video creator was acquired by Adobe in 2023.

9. Murf AI

Founded in 2020 by IIT-Kharagpur graduates Sneha Roy, Ankur Edkie, and Divyanshu Pandey, Murf AI uses AI to create high-quality voiceovers without recording equipment for its users in minutes. 

The growth-stage startup has raised a total funding of $11.5 Mn. In its last funding round, it raised $10 Mn in 2022. 

It is backed by investors like Matrix Partners, and Elevation Capital. It counts Imaginario AI, VideoDubber, and Rephrase AI as its competitors.

10. DhiWise

Founded in 2021 by Vishal Virani, DhiWise is an AI-enabled programming platform where developers can convert their designs into developer-friendly code for mobile and web apps. 

It automates and fastens the application development lifecycle and instantly generates readable, modular, and reusable code.

The growth-stage startup has raised a total of 9 Mn since its inception. It raised 7 Mn in 2022. DhiWise is supported by marquee investors like Accel, AngelList India, Storm Ventures, Abhishek Deo, and Pentathlon Ventures. It competes with the likes of Observe AI, Pixis, QpiAI, and Kombai.

11. Spyne

Founded in 2018 by Deepti Prasad and Sanjay Kumar, Spyne is helping businesses and marketplaces create and upgrade high-quality product images and videos at scale with AI. 

The growth stage company has so far raised $7.6 Mn from Accel Partners, Storm Ventures, and other investors. It raised $7 Mn in its last funding round in 2022. 

The Gurugram-based startup competes with companies like, Dresma, Ayna, Blend, and Orbo AI.

12. LimeChat

Founded in 2020 by Aniket Bajpai and Nikhil Gupta, LimeChat leverages AI to enable a brand to instantly respond to its customer queries throughout the buying journey across mediums such as WhatsApp, Meta Messenger and Instagram.

When it comes to WhatsApp commerce, it is working with 300+ brands like HUL, ITC, Mamaearth, Wow Skin Science, Neemans Shoes, and Snitch.

Backed by investors like Stellaris Venture Partners, Google, IFC, and Pi Ventures, the Faridabad-based company has raised a total funding of $5 Mn to date.

The seed-stage company competes with Noogata, TUNGEE, Osense Technology, Slang Labs,  etc.

13. QpiAI

Founded in 2019 by Dr Nagendra Nagaraja, QpiAI is a Bengaluru-based AI startup working in the areas of both AI and quantum computing. The startup’s key product, QpiAI Pro, helps deploy AI solutions at the production stage.

The startup also manufactures hardware solutions for quantum computers, including compute architecture, quantum processors and cryogenic controllers, and also offers quantum computing as a service (QCaaS) software. In 2021, it tied up with IISc Bengaluru to offer certification courses in AI and quantum computing.

QpiAI has yet to raise any funding.

14. Kombai

Founded in 2022 by Dipanjan Dey and Abhijit Bhole, Kombai is an AI model trained to understand and code UI designs like humans. It offers developer tools for web app developers, which helps them do away with mundane automatable tasks like writing and maintaining CSS and other boilerplate JS code. 

It has so far raised a total of $4.5 Mn from Foundation Capital and Stellaris Venture Partners.

Kombai competes with, Adobe XD, Figma and Relume, which have a similar approach towards web design.

15. Contlo 

Founded in 2021 by Ishaan Bhola and Mukunda NS, Contlo is a GenAI-powered martech platform that helps businesses run and optimise end-to-end marketing campaigns. 

The seed-stage SaaS platform claims to help brands build personalised campaigns and automate customer journeys across all major channels including email, SMS, as well as social media platforms. 

The US-headquartered startup has raised $4.3 Mn in funding to date. It is backed by the likes of names such as Kae Capital, Better Capital and Titan Capital as well as angel investors such as Mamaearth’s Varun Alagh as well as Harshil Mathur and Shashank Kumar of Razorpay, among others.

16. Scalenut 

A brainchild of Mayank Jain, Gaurav Goyal, and Saurabh Wadhawan, Scalenut was founded in 2020. The startup is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered SEO and content marketing platform.

Its AI co-pilot handhelds businesses through the entire content lifecycle, from keyword planning and content creation to SEO optimisation and competitive analysis.

The California-based startup has raised $3.5 Mn in funding till date and is backed by the likes of names such as Titan Capital, First Principles VC, AngelList, among others.

It claims to have so far catered to more than 200 businesses including homegrown startups such as PharmEasy and LeapScholar. 

17. Blend 

Founded in 2021 by Vaibhav Prakash, Vishwanath Kollapudi and Jamsheed Kamardeen, Blend is a GenAI-powered design tool that helps ecommerce sellers create social media graphics, product photos and SEO-optimised content. 

Incubated by Peak XV Surge and Google For Startups, the Bengaluru-based SaaS platform has raised $3.14 Mn in funding till date. Catering largely to ecommerce sellers, Blend is backed by names such as 3one4 Capital, Blume Ventures, PointOne Capital, among others.

The startup boasts of 15 proprietary AI models that have been trained on more than 80 Mn visuals and keywords.

18. Zocket

Founded in 2021 by second-time entrepreneurs – Karthik Venkateswaran, Nandha Kumar Ravi, Sundar Natesan, and Mukund Srivathsan — Zocket, with Gen AI, helps businesses launch their digital ads in less than 30 seconds. 

It has secured 3.1 Mn in its overall funding with support from investors like Surge Ventures, Surge, and PointOne Capital. 

It competes with the likes of Hexo, Metabrix,, and PostifyAI in the digital ads space.

19. Alltius 

Founded in 2022 by Vibhanshu Abhishek and Siddhant Mishra, Alltius’ no-code platform enables businesses to seamlessly create, train and deploy AI assistants within a day. These AI assistants can then be leveraged by enterprises to transform sales and support journeys.

The company claims that these AI assistants can be trained on a slew of company resources, including documents, images, PDFs, among others. Subsequently, these assistants can be deployed to answer queries, create pitches, compare insurance plans, create tickets, draft emails, among other things. 

The Bengaluru-based horizontal AI startup has raised $2.4 Mn till date and is backed by the likes of names such as Stellaris Venture Partner, Blume Ventures, Gemba Capital, peercheque, among others.

20. vPhrase

vPhrase offers a SaaS tool that leverages AI, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to help businesses derive insights from huge swathes of complex datasets. 

It has two products – Phrazor and Explorazor. While Phrazor is a report automation tool that converts complex graphs into actionable taking points, Explorazor helps users perform root cause analysis across multiple datasets via a No-SQL interface. It claims to have three granted patents under its kitty. 

The New York-headquartered startup was founded back in 2015 by Neerav Parekh and Naimisha Neerav Parekh. vPhrase has raised $2 Mn in funding till date and counts Falcon Edge Capital, Bharat Innovation Fund, Alpha Wave Global, among others as its backers. 

Its clientele includes giants such as Danone, GSK, Sanofi, Hindustan Unilever Limited, Fidelity, Abbott, Motilal Oswal, among others

21. Dubdub AI

Founded in 2021 by Anubhav Singh, Rahul Sankhwar, Rahul Garg and Anchal Jaiswal, is an online tool which leverages AI for making multilingual video content. It supports audio and video dubbing.

The growth stage startup has raised a total funding of $1.8 Mn since its inception. In its last funding round, it raised $1 Mn in 2022. 

Waveform Ventures, Accel Atoms, Forward Capital Fund, and Force Ventures are among the investors backing the company. competes with the likes of names such as Pieces, Noogata, and ClearCOGS.

22. Gnani AI

Founded in 2017 by Ganesh Gopalan and Ananth Nagaraj, offers a full-stack conversational AI product suite to help businesses automate and enhance customer support across all digital and conventional communication channels.

It also caters to the fraud detection market with its voice biometrics product, which is largely centred on its clients in the BFSI sector. 

The B2B platform claims to have a customer base of over 100 companies including multiple Indian lending companies such as TVS Credit, Muthoot Finance, and Fibe (formerly Early Salary). It also boasts more than 12 patents in its kitty.

The Bengaluru-based startup has raised $4 Mn in funding till date and counts the likes of names such as Samsung Ventures and angels such as Lakshmi Narayan, and BVR Mohan Reddy as its investors. 

It competes with the likes of names such as, Haptik and 

23. Floworks

Founded in 2022 by Sudipta Biswas and Sarthak Shrivastava, Floworks offers an AI assistant that helps sales personnel effectively utilise Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software from the confines of their Slack accounts.

Sales teams can just instruct the AI assistant in plain natural language to send CRM updates, send emails, raise escalations and get reports, without having to go through multiple applications.

Incubated by Y Combinator, the startup raised $1.5 Mn in seed funding in August last year. The US-based GenAI startup also counts names such as Sense AI, Gaingels, Entrepreneur First and ThinKuvate as investors. 

24. GoodMeetings

A brainchild of Srinivasan Narayan and Abhijeet Sahoo, GoodMeetings is a remote sales platform that leverages video, AI and analytics to help teams sell effectively. 

The startup’s proprietary platform helps users automate processes, generate human-level summaries and derive insights and actionable pointers from a real-time video. It also nudges the sales person about what to say and when during the video call itself.

Founded in 2020, GoodMeetings has raised $1.7 Mn in funding till date. It is backed by marquee names such as Chiratae Ventures, FortyTwo.VC, First Check, Adept Ventures, 100X Entrepreneurs, among others.

25. VisualDub

Founded in 2021 as NeuralGarage, is the brainchild of IIT Kanpur alumni Mandar Natekar, Subhabrata Debnath, Anjan Banerjee and Subhashish Saha. The GenAI startup is developing a proprietary tool, VisualDub, which syncs recorded voice overs with lip movement and visual cues. 

It claims to provide visual lip-sync delivered at 2K to 4K resolution with zero artefacts. VisualDub claims to transform the face under the eyes, including jaws, mouth, chin, smile lines and micro muscles in the cheeks and upper neck to offer a glitch-free video.

VisualDub claims to cater big-ticket clients such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, Britannia, Microsoft, GSK, and Ultratech Cement. Backed by Exfinity Venture Partners and AWS, it has raised $1.5 Mn in funding till date.

26. Orbo AI

Orbo leverages AI and augmented reality (AR) to help consumers virtually try-on products in real-time without stepping foot outside their homes. 

Catering to the ecommerce and retail sectors, the startup’s flagship product, Beauty GPT, offers immersive solutions such as makeup try-ons, deep skin analysis, embedded hairstyle, hair colour augmentation, among others. 

Founded by Manoj Shinde, Abhit Sinha and Danish Jamil, Orbo AI also featured on the third season of the popular TV show Shark Tank India and went home with an INR 1 Cr deal from SUGAR Cosmetics cofounder Vineeta Singh.

The startup has raised $1.5 Mn since its inception and counts names such as Venture Catalysts, YourNest Venture as investors.

27. Phot.AI

Founded in 2022 by Venus Dhuria and Aneesh Rayancha, Phot.AI is a full-visual design platform that leverages GenAI to enable users and brands to generate images from just text.

Catering to both B2B and B2C users, Phot.AI allows customers to generate photos, create design concepts and visualise them with GenAI. It also leverages this emerging technology to help users enhance their images and turn their “PDF” documents into any format.

Another key product of the startup is its AI training module, which allows end-users to train their AI models. It caters to businesses operating in areas such as ecommerce, packaging and branding, advertising and marketing, media, and BFSI, among others. 

Its clients include names such as Shiprocket, Fashinza, and Dukaan, among others. The two-year-old startup is bootstrapped and is yet to raise capital from external investors.

28. Wokelo

Founded in 2022 by Siddhant Masson and Saswat Nanda, Wokelo leverages OpenAI’s GPT and open source models such as LLaMA to produce detailed due-diligence reports for enterprises in a matter of minutes from publicly available data. 

Its proprietary “cognitive engine” sifts through the tonnes of data to build concise and customised reports and presentations without hallucinations. 

Backed by investors such as Untapped Capital, SeaChange Fund, Pack Ventures, Array Ventures, and Upsparks Capital, the Seattle-based startup has raised $1.5 Mn in funding since inception. 

Its solutions cater to clients in private equity, venture capital, investment banking, and management consulting. It counts names such as Tata Group, Deloitte, Seven Seven Six, among others as its customers. 

29. NeuroPixel.AI

Founded in 2020 by Arvind Nair and Amritendu Mukherjee, NeuroPixel.AI is a GenAI platform that allows online marketplaces to offer AI-enabled fashion cataloguing, synthetic model generation, and virtual try-ons. 

Leveraging advanced AI and ML as well as computer vision and image processing, the startup helps small online retailers with offerings such as automated cataloguing, improving customer experience, and reducing the time spent on clicking photos manually and editing images.

The Bengaluru-based startup has raised $1.2 Mn in funding till date and is backed by the likes of ecommerce major Flipkart, Inflection Point Ventures, Entrepreneur First, Huddle, DLabs, Dexter Angels, among others. 

NeuroPixel competes with the likes of OSlash,, Chargebee, and SaaS Labs in the broader Indian deeptech SaaS space.

30. Beatoven.AI 

Founded In 2021 by Mansoor Rahimat Khan and Siddharth Bhardwaj,’s genesis lay in the vast demand for original, royalty-free music suitable for commercial use. 

Beatoven.AI addressed this issue by simply leveraging GenAI to create background music for video, podcast, and game creators. Riding on the AI wave, the startup now boasts close to 1 Mn registered users worldwide, majority of them outside India.

Backed by the likes of Capital2B (Info Edge), IvyCap ventures, Upsparks Capital, the Bengaluru-based startup has raised more than $2.4 Mn in funding till date. 

31. Expertia AI

Founded in 2020 by Akshay Gugnani and Kanishk Shukla, Expertia AI is an AI-powered HR Tech platform that offers end-to-end hiring solutions from talent discovery to decision.

The B2B platform’s AI tool goes beyond the resume and understands the skills, personality and background of the candidate to offer a certain Expertia score. Not just this, it also identifies skill gaps in an applicant and actively engages with candidates on various fronts and makes them offer-ready. 

It caters to names such as Cognizant, Decathlon, Tech Mahindra, Reliance Jio, Justdial, among others. 

Incubated by Google For Startups, Expertia AI is backed by Chiratae Ventures and Endiya Partners. It has raised more than $1.2 Mn in funding till date.


Founded in 2022 by Rituraj Biswas, Neha Soman, Abhijeet Kumar and Arijit Mukhopadhyay, leverages AI to help brands conceptualise and create compelling video ads using user-generated content (UGC).

The startup’s proprietary AI platform helps its clients in understanding market trends and behaviour of their target customers, thereby optimising campaign performance. The platform then connects brands with creators who can craft videos that resonate with their target audience. 

The SaaS startup’s platform also offers its clients visibility into the entire video creation process and to monitor campaign results. 

Backed by the likes of Silverneedle Ventures, Huddle, TDV Partners, HME Ventures, Dholakia Ventures, among others, the martech startup last raised $1 Mn in funding in 2023. 


Founded in 2021 by Varshul Gupta and Anuja Dhawan, harnesses the power of GenAI to help brands and video producers dub their video content. The platform helps its clients convert text into “natural-sounding” voice overs in multiple languages and generate subtitles. 

It currently claims to offer the functionality in 60 Indian and other global languages.’s text-to-speech engine also offers a broad range of AI voices as per the tone and style needs of its customers.

The SaaS platform claims to have so far worked with 5 Lakh brands including the likes of Mahindra FInance, Zupee, BluSmart, Ullu, among others. 

The startup last raised $800K in seed funding from Kalaari Capital in June 2022. 

[This is not an exhaustive list, we will be updating it periodically. If you would like to refer a GenAI startup to be featured in this list, write to us @ [email protected]]

[Edited by Shishir Parasher]

Source: Inc42 Media