Meet The 35 D2C Brands From Inc42’s First Cohort Of D2CX

By Inc42 Media

India is poised to tap into a $300 Bn D2C opportunity by 2030 on the back of the nation’s internet users projected to surpass the 1 Bn mark by then. Also, one must recognise the rapid expansion of ecommerce to Tier III cities and beyond, which has catapulted several homegrown D2C brands under the spotlight.

According to Inc42 data, the Indian D2C sector secured $1.5 Bn in 2023, the highest funding among all ecommerce subsectors. As we witness this high-octane growth, we must not forget that the world’s third-largest startup ecosystem is filled to the brim with several opportunities, piggybacking on which India has become home to some of the most innovative D2C startups. 

In sync with this, Inc42 has long been celebrating the best of India’s D2C startups via our flagship 30 Startups To Watch monthly series or through our yearly Fast42 cohorts. We have been involved in multiple government and private initiatives to take India’s startup ecosystem to the next level.

This year, we have upped the ante by proactively supporting some of the most promising startups operating in D2C. 

Therefore, we have launched D2CX, a 12-week programme crafted to help D2C brands master 10X growth in less than three months. While conducting the first cohort of D2CX, Inc42 identified a crucial knowledge gap in the market — a lack of knowledge about how to effectively operate and rapidly scale a D2C brand.

Fortunately, this key gap can be bridged with the right mentorship, guidance and support from experienced founders. 

Therefore, Inc42 has brought together a group of over four dozen founders and C-level executives from established names like CaratLane, The Good Glamm Group, Bold Care, mCaffeine, WOW Skin Science et al. to support all things D2C over 12 weeks, featuring 45+ in-depth sessions and 60+ hours of content.

Following the resounding success of the first cohort of D2CX, in which 48 D2C brands completed the programme, Inc42 is all set to launch the second cohort on August 8

With that said, let’s catch a glimpse of the startups that were part of the first cohort of D2CX.

Editor’s note: The startups are listed alphabetically and this list is not a ranking.

AGEasy by Antara

Bridging Gap In Senior Healthcare

Founded in 2023 by Purti Khanna, AGEasy by Antara is a D2C healthtech brand focussing on chronic health problems that come with age, including mobility support, hearing and joint-related issues. While serving seniors through the company’s residencies and assisted living centres, Khanna realised that many seniors are ageing at home and there is white space in the medical products specifically designed for seniors.

The startup currently offers hearing aids, knee braces, joint care vitamins, walking sticks, and fall-detection smartwatches powered by Fossil. In the black, the startup claims to have an average monthly revenue of around INR 50 Lakh. Around half of the startup’s average revenue comes from marketplaces, while the rest comes from its website and offline channels. 

AGEasy by Antara is currently working on solutions to address other chronic issues that affect the elderly, including respiratory problems and diabetes, which it plans to launch this year.

Aurum Crafts

Made-In-India Artisanal Homeware

Founded in 2023 by the husband-wife duo of Punit and Chandni Agarwal, Aurum Crafts is a Jaipur-based artisanal homeware and kitchenware products startup. The D2C brand was born out of the desire to create homeware products that are meticulously handcrafted by local artisans of India, rooted in conventional design blended with modern aesthetics.

The startup manufactures mango wood chopping & cheese boards, platters, bowls, ceramic jars, and other wooden kitchenware products. Aurum Crafts claims to have delivered more than a thousand orders since its launch in 2023. While the D2C kitchenware startup has yet to hit profitability, it claims to generate INR 1 Lakh per month in revenue. 

Ayurvedic Sutra

Skincare Revolution

Founded by Neha and Abhinav Bansal earlier this year, Gurugram-based Ayurvedic Sutra is a D2C skincare brand catering to the increasing demand for Ayurvedic products. Neha connected with several Korean OEMs and noticed the presence of Ayurvedic elements within Korean skincare products, prompting her to set up Ayurvedic Sutra.

The startup is addressing the increasing demand for quality Ayurvedic skincare products at affordable prices. Ayurvedic Sutra currently sells day cream, anti-ageing cream, body butter, face scrub and face wash and has plans to launch a new product range soon. Ayurvedic Sutra claims to be a profitable venture, pulling in around INR 1 Lakh in average monthly revenue. 


Revitalising Agriculture With Drones

Founded in 2016 by Amandeep Panwar and Rishabh Choudhary, BharatRohan was born out of the need to address the challenges faced by Indian farmers and a passion for innovation in agriculture. The founders conducted tests with drones while pursuing aeronautical engineering. Along the way, they learnt the difficulties farmers faced in detecting pests and diseases early, relying on visual inspections until significant damage had already occurred.

BharatRohan’s drone-based decision support system, CropAssure, detects pests and diseases early, enabling farmers to minimise losses. Additionally, BharatRohan offers a D2C brand of spices, pulses, and oilseeds grown by farmers using their sustainable methods. Rigorous quality control ensures residue-free produce, and QR code traceability allows consumers to follow their food’s journey from farm to table.

The startup has raised $2.3 Mn in funding from Villgro Innovation Foundation, Caspian, RevX, and Venture Garage, bringing INR 3 Cr in average monthly revenue as a profitable venture.


Decluttering Women’s Shoe Closet

Founded in 2022 by brothers Ankit and Ankur Pandey and their parents Sandhya and Anup, Cunei is a D2C women’s footwear brand based in Mumbai. The startup, set up to keep the retired Sandhya and Anup busy during their golden years, quickly became a success story big enough that it became a full-time job for everyone in the family.

Cunei has tied up with two contract manufacturers for their supply of shoes, which are handmade in Mumbai. The startup offers several types of shoes, including heels, flats, sandals, wedges and slip-ons. Cunei heavily relies on its website for its sales, and it claims to bring in around INR 6.50 Lakh in average monthly revenue while being profitable.


Oral Care Redefined

Founded in 2021 by Yash and Paridhi Singh in Ahmedabad, Dente91 is a D2C startup that manufactures and sells oral care products and protein bars (under the brand name Whey91). The startup is looking to address the increasing instances of oral diseases within the Indian population with quality oral care products.

Dente91 manufactures toothpaste and mouthwash, including anti-stain and whitening toothpaste, while its Whey91 brand makes and sells whey-based protein bars. The startup claims to use Lactoferrin and Nano Hydroxyapatite (N-Hap) in its product range, some of the safest endogenous molecules with no side effects.

The startup plans to launch a fluoride-free toothpaste for children, while it recently launched a toothpaste for women. The toothpaste is enriched with a blend of vitamins and nutrients to support and enhance oral health for women. Dente91 claims to be at the breakeven stage, attracting an average monthly revenue of INR 26 Lakh.


Silver Jewellery From The Heart Of Uttarakhand

Founded in 2020 by Parth Khandelwal and Madhurima Singh, Ejaa is a Nainital-based D2C jewellery brand bringing Uttarakhand’s traditional handcrafted pahadi jewellery in 92.5 hallmark silver to the forefront. 

The D2C brand aims to improve traditional jewellery’s wearability while retaining the motifs, designs and visual appeal. Ejaa also uses silver instead of gold (traditionally used) to make the jewellery more accessible and affordable. The founders come from a jewellery background and employ the artisans who make all the jewellery pieces.

Ejaa claims to be profitable with an average monthly revenue hovering around INR 3 Lakh. Most of its sales are driven through its offline store.


Exquisite Women’s Wear Collection

Founded in 2019 by sister duo Aayuushi and Anushka Agarwal, Erotissch is a D2C lingerie and loungewear brand designed with keeping Indian women in mind. The founders’ belief that clothing for women should be freeing and wholesome led them to create lingerie, swimwear, and beachwear.

The startup manufactures and sells 50+ SKUs across the aforementioned categories, selling through most ecommerce platforms in India and its website. Erotissch, set to rebrand itself to AOBA later this year and expand into Western clothing for women, also appeared on Season 3 of Shark Tank India. The D2C brand also claims to bring in around INR 32 Lakh in average monthly revenue.

Fancy Fluff

Cosy Comfort For The Little Ones

Founded in 2016 by Kasturi Ruparelia and Hamza Patel, Fancy Fluff is a D2C baby products startup making bedding, bath, feeding and nightwear essentials. The startup was born out of a necessity to address the quality gap in the baby products market.  

The startup claims to have scaled over the past five years to become the top-selling brand at mothercare stores across India. Fancy Fluff is also available in the Middle East on and the Babyshop online store by Landmark Group. The D2C brand is now looking to improve customer experience on its website to boost its performance marketing performance.

Fancy Fluff sells products across 50+ SKUs and claims to bring around INR 25 Lakh in average monthly revenue.


Interactive Storybooks For Children

Founded in 2019 by Rohit Khurana and GK Jaju, GIKSO is a D2C brand offering high-quality children’s books, including non-academic activities, puzzles, and arts and crafts. Khurana, a second-time founder in the publishing space, looked to extend the positive impact of books on children, leading to GIKSO.

The D2C brand offers several children’s books in English and Hindi, all published in India. Beyond activities, GIKSO’s children’s books also cover topics like basic math, language and puzzles. Currently, the D2C brand is active on online marketplaces like Amazon.

The startup claims to bring INR 6 Lakh in average monthly revenue and is profitable as of its latest figures. In the short term, GIKSO plans to add more books to its repertoire and boost its website.


Supercharging Your Daily Meals

Founded in 2023 by Maj Gen (Retd.) Prem Mohan Vats, Udayan Vats, Sanchi Vats Sharma and Vikrant Sharma, Grainova is a D2C food brand looking to reintroduce nutrient-rich millets and superfoods into contemporary diets. The startup was launched after the founders moved to Delhi NCR and noticed a poor change in their eating habits, aiming to revert to eating healthier.

The startup manufactures millet flour, cookies, grains and breakfast goods at Bhimtal, Nainital, Uttarakhand. The startup is focused on offline channels, as it recently expanded its presence in modern retail stores in the NCR region by 50%. 

Grainova claims to earn around INR 15 Lakh in average monthly revenue and is currently at a breakeven. In 2024, the D2C brand intends to diversify its product offerings and broaden its FPO base to support more farmers.

Harvest Square

Quality Vegetables & Millet-Based Goods

Founded earlier this year by Jothi and Rohitha Prasad, Harvest Square is a Hosur-based D2C brand that focuses on offering quality vegetables and millet-based goods to its customers. The startup primarily aims to solve problems at all stages of the crop life cycle, specifically hydroponics – growing plants mainly in water and producing large food quantities. 

Currently, Harvest Square is building two D2C brands – Harvest Bites and Harvest Treats – focussed on millet-based goods. The D2C brand is working on setting up ecommerce and quick commerce platforms. Despite its early days, Harvest Square is bringing around INR 7 Lakh in average monthly revenue while being profitable. 


Discover Specialty Coffees

Founded in 2024 by Mohit Odhrani, Homegrounds is a D2C coffee marketplace app that allows users to explore and discover the best coffee roasters across India, along with a curated selection of equipment. The D2C brand is trying to address the market gap within coffee, as users often struggle to discover niche roasters that match their needs. 

Homegrounds’ mission is to celebrate India’s rich coffee heritage while supporting local roasters on their journey to recognition. For now, the startup is building the Homegrounds community, for people to share their world around coffee, culture and experiences. The startup brings around INR 1 Lakh in average monthly revenue. Homegrounds aims to diversify its sales channels beyond its mobile app and hire the right team in the short term.


Reinterpreting Men’s Clothing

Founded in 2020 by Sumant Agarwal, HustleCulture is a multi-designer D2C platform for sneakers, streetwear and accessories. Agarwal, having worked for five years in the B2B segment within the textile industry, sought to tap into the growing sneaker culture in India by creating a platform for customers to buy and sell sneakers and other apparel.

The D2C platform has recently launched its website, though most of its business comes via Instagram. HustleCulture claims to have 3,000+ customers across India. The startup is now in the process of setting up an office.

HustleCulture claims to bring in INR 22 Lakh in average monthly revenue, with figures crossing INR 30 Lakh in April this year. In the short term, the D2C brand is looking to launch an in-house apparel label.


Sustainable Activewear For All

Founded in 2022 by Smitha Jacob and Dileep Kumar PS, Jolger is a D2C activewear brand, offering men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Jogler also offers men’s activewear manufactured from up to 45% recycled materials.

The startup sources its materials from Vietnam and Taiwan, while it manufactures in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Jordan. Recently, the D2C brand got listed on Myntra and set up its website. Most of Jogler’s business comes via ecommerce marketplaces, though it is also building up its omnichannel presence via the website and offline sales.

Though Jogler is not profitable, it brings around INR 5 Lakh in average monthly revenue. The D2C brand is now looking to get listed on Nykaa, expand its offline presence and launch a new line of work leisurewear.


Asian Cuisine At Your Doorstep

Founded in 2022 by Utkarsh Vatsa, Shreeya Vatsa and GV Himanshu, Jvapa is a D2C ready-to-cook and eat brand specialising in rice-based Asian products. The founders decided to set up Jvada after witnessing the market gap in the Made in India rice-based products.

The D2C brand offers rice noodles, vermicelli, and paper sheets, among other products, in several packs. For instance, the brand sells starter packs with all its products and combo packs for individual products. Jvapa manufactures in Bhilai, Chhattisgarh, in what it claims to be India’s first rice noodles manufacturing unit. Jvapa has recently expanded its manufacturing capacity from 500 kg to one tonne, allowing it to launch a new product, flat rice noodles. 

The startup is looking to enter the quick commerce space with Blinkit and Instamart and launch a new range of rice-based instant noodles this year. Jvapa is clocking INR 7 Lakh in average monthly revenue and is profitable.

K9 Vitality

Supplements For Your Furry Friends

Founded in 2023 by Aman Patial, K9 Vitality is a D2C dog supplement brand offering probiotics and hip and joint supplements for dogs. Patial, fond of dogs and passionate about their health and wellness, started K9 Vitality, a brand that cares for dogs like family.

K9 Vitality has partnered with Innomalous, a Noida-based pet food manufacturer, for its products. The D2C brand recently achieved a 4.3+ rating on Trustpilot and a Diamond Transparency Badge (100%). K9 Vitality also supports street dogs by donating a share of its profits with each purchase. 

This year, the startup aims to hit INR 30 Lakh in monthly sales, with the target of reaching INR 60-90 Lakh in monthly sales by the end of the year. Currently, K9 Vitality is clocking in around INR 6.4 Lakh in monthly sales and is profitable.


Fashion For Women, By Women

Founded in 2021 by Chanaya Gupta, Lazo is a D2C fashion brand for women. Born out of the desire to have something of her own, Lazo quickly became a platform where the founder could experiment with women’s clothes and implement her vision.

The D2C startup offers dresses, tops, bottoms, shirts, co-ords and accessories for women, including chains, earrings, hoops, drops, and bracelets. Lazo works on a hybrid model where it manufactures 70% in-house and 30% by contract manufacturing. The startup recently achieved a monthly revenue rate of INR 35 Lakh while also hitting 78K followers on Instagram.

Lazo, a profitable venture, is looking to increase SKU depth from 80 to 150-200 SKUs across categories.


Safe Silicone Toys For Kids

Founded in 2024 by Snehal Bansal, a mother seeking safe-to-use toys for her child, D2C toys startup Mamamor offers toys made from food-grade silicone. The startup claims that these pediatrician-approved toys will be easy to clean and free of BPA, phthalates, or PVC (often found in plastic toys) and have an ease of use over wooden toys (that dent or splinter when chewed on). 

Mamamor is currently in its pre-launch phase, finalising branding, packaging, and building its website after completing the test production of prototypes. The startup plans to launch seven products in the toy range, such as sensory balls, shape sorters, pull toys and more, in July 2024. 

It aims to achieve a product-market fit within six months of launch. With customer feedback, Mamamor plans to expand its offerings to 17 by 2025 and achieve a monthly revenue rate of INR 30 Lakh.


Curcumin & Turmeric-Based Personal Care 

A part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing company Arbro, the D2C personal care brand Ningen (Japanese for ‘Human’) offers a wide range of hair, skin and body care products. It was launched in 2022 by Dr Neha and Dr Saurabh Arora.

Besides the 30+ plant-based products, the startup’s USP lies in its SNECC-30 range. The products use SNEDDS (self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system) to manufacture capsules, drops, soaps, and other personal care items based on curcumin (an active component of the turmeric spice). The SNEDDS tech enables faster and even absorption of the spice in the body, which, in turn, helps reduce pain and inflammation, bringing quicker results on the surface, the startup claims.

The startup is still heavily focused on offline sales (90%) and has generated INR 4 Cr in sales in 2023. In 2024, it plans to ramp up its D2C efforts by optimising its website and ecommerce channels to double the sales figure. 

Noor Skincare

Natural Skincare Regime

Founded in 2023, Noor Skincare is the outcome of Charu and Shubham Jani’s frustration with factory-made, chemical-heavy skincare products. For this, they turned to recipes passed down from generations. 

The D2C skincare brand has 16 products, including oils and balms. The products are handmade in small batches at a facility in Meerut. 

Noor Skincare plans to expand its catalogue to face and hair care range and launch on multiple other online marketplaces. The profitable startup has an average monthly revenue of INR 40 Lakh. It aims to reach a revenue of INR 25 Cr by the year-end. 

Noya Fashion Jewellery

An Instagram Shop For Statement Pieces

Founded in June 2021 by Srikanth Vaddi, Noya Fashion was launched as an Instagram page to eliminate the middlemen in the fashion jewellery space. The D2C startup designs and manufactures artificial jewellery pieces by blending traditional artworks from South India with contemporary styles and vibrant colours. 

As much as 25% of its sales come from offline channels and 75% through the Instagram page. Noya generates an average monthly revenue of INR 50 Lakh from its range of 50+ products, such as earrings, bangles, choker sets, necklaces, bracelets, nose pins, hair accessories and more. 

The startup is profitable and aims to maintain monthly sales by expanding its D2C channels.

Origins Nutra

Preventative Healthcare For Chronic Diseases 

Founded in September 2020, Origins Nutra provides health supplements, consultations with health experts, and informative content to guide health-conscious individuals in their efforts to prevent chronic illnesses such as cholesterol and diabetes.

Founders Rajani Chinni and Surya Tej Chinni come from a family business of pharma and neutraceuticals and saw a gap between evidence-based approaches to health and preventative healthcare. Origins Nutra bridges this gap by providing one-a-day tablets, capsules, and soft gels to fill dietary nutrient gaps, support energy and recovery in athletes. One can take the product recommendation quiz or speak to one of the 200+ health experts available with Origins Nutra.

The startup uses ingredients such as ashwagandha, lichen extracts, algal calcium and more, sourced from clinical companies while the tablets are manufactured in-house. Origins Nutra rebranded and launched several new products in December 2023 and is growing 20% month-over-month with an average monthly revenue of INR 11 Lakh and a 35% repeat customer rate. The focus for 2024 is to expand the community to 500+ health experts and serve over 30K customers. 


Incubating Seeds Of Creativity

Launched in September 2022 by Niket Lulla, Popstation offers aspiring fashion brands and creators a platform to aid their D2C journey. Popstation leverages a four-step approach — discover (ideation and market analysis), design (prototyping), develop (manufacturing and quality control), and deliver (logistics and financing). 

Combined with AI integration in the technological aspects, this improves efficiency, minimises inventory needs and helps brands and creators achieve a rapid concept-to-completion timeframe (20 days).

Currently focussed on brand discovery, Popstation is working on new product launches and exploration of ecommerce and quick commerce platforms. It has worked with 40+ brands since its inception and helped launch 50+ product types from infant wear to undergarments. 

The startup is profitable with an average monthly revenue of INR 80 Lakh.

Posh Pants Club

Workwear For Women 

Founded in May 2023, Posh Pants Club is a D2C fashionwear startup offering sustainable workwear to women. Tired of mass-produced, impersonal options and a lack of environmental consciousness, founder Neeharika Kapoor envisioned a brand that could offer timeless pieces made with natural fabrics and designed for Indian silhouettes. 

Posh Pants Club sources its materials from across India and manufactures them in small batches to minimise waste and promote environment-friendly dressing. The company prioritises customer feedback for future designs and collections, which has helped build a community of 13K+ within a year of launch and a revenue of over INR 90 Lakh. 

From dresses to pants and co-ord sets to blouses, the startup has over 50 SKUs and a monthly revenue of INR 15 Lakh. It plans to expand its product range in 2024 by adding over 80 more SKUs and focusing on remarketing campaigns.

Renue Minerals

Essential Health Supplements For Women

Launched in February 2024, Renue Minerals is a D2C wellness startup that offers flavoured, sugar-free health supplements. Founded by Rahul Jawahrani and Sanjana Kavathalkar, the startup is focused on supplements to cater to women’s health needs, including what it claims to be a PCOS/PCOD reversal bundle, along with a PCOS care tea and a PMS comfort blend. 

Less than six months into launch, the wellness startup has garnered significant traction by crossing the 500-customer mark. Currently operating through its website, Renue Minerals is poised for further growth. 

In 2024, the D2C brand plans to expand its reach by entering online marketplaces. While Renue Minerals is at the breakeven stage, it is generating a monthly average revenue of INR 2 Lakh.


Streetwear For Gamers

Founded in 2024 by Hrishav Bhattacharjee, Meet Khira, Virasat Swami and Abhijeet Andhare, Rizzzed is a D2C clothing brand, which designs streetwear inspired by gaming aesthetics. The startup, founded to popularise gaming culture in India and contribute to the gaming industry, sources and sells t-shirts for all genders on its website.

Rizzzed mostly sells its products online, with around 30% of its t-shirts selling through offline channels. The D2C startup sources its products from several popular t-shirt manufacturing hubs, including Ludhiana, Kolkata, Tripura, and Bangladesh.

The D2C clothing brand claims to be clocking around INR 2 Lakh in average monthly revenue and plans to boost its product offerings in the short term.


Psychodermatology Skincare Brand

Founded in 2023 by Malvika Jain, SEREKO is a D2C skincare startup that uses the linkage of mind and skin – psychodermatology – to mitigate stress and improve skin health. 

According to the startup, a third of dermatology patients in India are reported to have underlying mental health issues. The founder, having witnessed firsthand the effects of mental health on skin health, spent two years on brand research and launched SEREKO.

The D2C brand sells clarifying cleansers, toners, serums, hydration sunscreens, and night creams. On the mental health care side, along with calming candy tabs and anti-anxiety fizzy blend sachets. The startup ties up with third-party manufacturers for its products. Online marketplaces are SEREKO’s primary sales channel, with its website bringing in the rest. 

While SEREKO is not profitable yet, the D2C brand is clocking in INR 30 Lakh in average monthly revenue. In the short term, SEREKO plans to launch new products, start its retail operations and jump on the quick commerce bandwagon.

Space Coffee

Specialty Coffee On The Go

Founded in 2024 by Kartik Dhingra and Srijan Bhatia, Space Coffee is a D2C coffee brand born from the founders’ shared love for coffee. Having met rejection from friends because of the high costs of specialty coffee, the founders set up Space Coffee to bring easy access to the world of Indian specialty coffee.

The D2C brand sources its coffee from Chikkamagaluru, a hill station in Karnataka, often referred to as the coffee land of Karnataka. Space Coffee makes dip bags and Nespresso pods in cross four flavours. The brand also offers adaptogenic coffee with a blend of Reishi, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, and Chaga mushrooms.

Space Coffee is currently at breakeven and clocks around INR 3 Lakh in average monthly revenue. The startup now plans to boost its omnichannel presence across the country.

Svaraa Jewels

Lab-Grown Diamond Jewellery 

Founded in 2021 by Chahat Shah, Svaraa Jewels is a D2C jewellery brand part of the larger Kalamandir Jewellers brand. The founder, frustrated by the generic diamond jewellery and the sky-high prices, launched Svaraa with more budget-friendly lab-grown diamonds.

The D2C brand offers rings, earrings, solitaire jewellery, bracelets, bangles, pendants, necklaces and charms across several styles made with lab-grown diamonds and set in gold. Svaraa is a direct grower of lab-grown diamonds and has ties with third-party jewellery manufacturers for its pieces. The D2C brand recently received an online order worth INR 60 Lakh from a Saudi customer, who now makes monthly purchases. 

While the startup is not profitable, it is still clocking in INR 70 Lakh in average monthly revenue. Most of the startup’s business comes via its offline presence. In the short term, it plans to launch three more stores and boost its ecommerce sales channel. 

The Indian Puja Company

Equip With Spiritual Essentials

Founded in 2021 by Maithili and Giresh Vasudev Kulkarni, The Indian Puja Company (erstwhile The Indian Puja Box) is a Pune-based D2C brand that offers products required for spiritual and devotional activities.

The D2C brand offers two box sets currently with products such as oil and ghee wicks, incense sticks, turmeric, red vermillion, honey, stickers, etc. The Indian Puja Company has tied up with third-party manufacturers for its products. The D2C brand has recently forayed into corporate gifting as well.

The Indian Puja Company is profitable right now and clocks INR 5.5 Lakh in average monthly revenue. In the short term, the D2C brand aims to expand its footprint by launching kiosks at airports and malls, along with a sharper focus on its D2C channel.

The Manduva Project

Traditional Indian Savouries 

Founded in 2021 by Neha Alluri and Usha Sarvarayalu, The Manduva Project is a Hyderabad-based D2C gourmet pickle, podi masala and fryums brand. The founders, having sensed a disappearing connection to rural India and the ongoing rural-to-urban migration, founded the startup to revitalise that connection.

The startup manufactures condiments, crisps, spices, pickles, sprinkles and fryums, among others, in Annadeverapeta, East Godavari. The Manduva Project has built a network of regional farmers and artisans to make sourcing and producing easier.

The startup is profitable, and in the short term, aims to scale the business through ecommerce and enter foreign markets.

The ReLove Closet

Thrifting Made Easy

Founded by Sruti Ashok in 2020, The ReLove Closet is a D2C clothing brand promoting a circular economy by selling and buying pre-loved women’s clothing, shoes, accessories and so on across dozens of brands. The founder, inspired by the Fashion Revolution, launched ReLove Closet to introduce consumers to Thrifting. Ashok also beta-tested her ideas during the Covid-19 pandemic, when she worked with an NGO to sell pre-loved clothing.

The ReLove Closet sources products from individuals across India, buying or accepting donations via social media or its website. The D2C brand vets all of the products it receives before listing them on its website. 

Recently, The ReLove Closet launched a small offline store space in Chennai while also organising offline events to raise awareness. The startup is not profitable but is clocking in around INR 3 Lakh in average monthly revenue.

The Theatre Project

Get Ready For A Blockbuster Snacking 

Founded in 2021 by Vishakha and Sumeet Surana, The Theatre Project is a D2C snacking brand manufacturing popcorn and potato chips. Sumeet’s family connection with the theatre business prompted the founders to set up the brand as canteens in the theatres Sumeet’s family owned. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the startup morphed into a D2C brand.

The startup contract manufactures its kettle chips and popcorn at Godavari Nutrifoods in Gwalior and the popped chips at Haldirams International in Nagpur across several flavours. Recently, the startup has started exporting its products to international markets, increased its airport presence, boosted its corporate vending machine presence, received approval from Central Railways to sell its products and increased its offline touchpoints in Mumbai to 500.

The Theatre Project is not a profitable venture yet but is clocking in INR 70 Lakh in average monthly revenue. In the short term, the D2C brand plans to launch on quick commerce platforms, expand geographically and launch new products.

Specialty Coffee For Your Palates 

Founded in 2020 by Pallav Haria, Tulum Coffee is a Mumbai-based D2C coffee brand. Haria stumbled upon the idea while living as an exchange student in Sao Paulo over a decade ago, and the same was solidified when he moved to Merida, Mexico in 2017 and worked at a cafe there, learning the basics of coffee roasting. Haria founded Tulum Coffee in 2020, months after his move back to India.

The startup manufactures coffee after sourcing from multiple parts of the country. Currently, Tulum Coffee offers six flavours from places like Ratnagiri, Kuttinkhan, Hippla and more. Tulum also offers several ground types, including whole beans, espresso, moka pot, AeroPress, French Press, cold brew and more.

Currently at the breakeven stage, the startup clocks around INR 3 Lakh in average monthly revenue. 

Source: Inc42 Media