Customer onboarding platform Product Fruits has closed a second $1.6 million funding round in just under a year, bringing its total funding amount to $3.5 million. 

Product managers often struggle to create effective onboarding and engagement flows and content that isn’t a total bore.

Product Fruits acts as an integrated layer within a website or app that can automatically create highly customisable user onboarding workflows. The platform integrates product walkthroughs, support buttons, feedback widgets, knowledge databases, and more – all without coding.

Product Fruits is underpinned by an AI-powered digital adoption platform  (DAP), which generates optimised in-app workflows based on users’ behaviour insights. 

On the back-end, Product Fruits’ proprietary AI system also assesses the likelihood of client conversion, helping streamline and significantly improve sales team targeting. 

This takes the guesswork out of customer conversion by automatically monitoring and analysing user behaviour, and pinpointing key differences between successful and unsuccessful users. 

Ladislav Salom, co-founder of Product Fruits, says: 

“Product Fruits is actively harnessing the game-changing power of AI for digital adoption solutions, and we’re doing it in a way that isn’t just for show. 

This funding round will make it possible for us to see the project through. Considering the downturn in funding across the tech industry, we also take this as a heartening endorsement of the success we’ve already had and the promise we’re demonstrating.”

Reflex Capital joins the new fundraising round, following additional commitments from Product Fruits’ seed-round investors Lighthouse Ventures, LVRG, and Venture to Future Fund. This new round of fundraising arrives after Product Fruits’ remarkable fourfold year-over-year growth and market prominence.

Roman Horacek, Partner at Reflex Capital, says: 

“We are thrilled to support Product Fruits in their journey. Their innovative use of AI aligns perfectly with our investment strategy, and we are confident in their ability to redefine the digital adoption landscape through AI-driven solutions.”

In addition to funding AI development, the company plans to use the latest funding round to expand its staff by at least ten people. 

Lead image: Product Fruit founders Karel Papík and Lada Salom. Photo: uncredited.