UBERDOC Receives New Financing

By VC News Daily

PLEASANTON, CA, CharmHealth has announced an investment in Boston-based startup UBERDOC.

CharmHealth, a leader in healthcare technology solutions for providers, and Bioverge, a leading Silicon Valley venture firm and investment platform specializing in emerging healthcare technology, has announced an investment in Boston-based startup UBERDOC. The recent recipient of Startup and Founder of the Year honors, UBERDOC aims to democratize access to affordable healthcare by building a nationwide network of physicians spanning more than 50 specialties.

UBERDOC is a healthcare platform where patients can schedule priority appointments with a specialist. Patients pay a single, transparent price to bypass referrals, delays and insurance authorizations. By paying cash and going outside insurance for the initial consultation, UBERDOC provides patients with an appointment within 12 hours, versus the average wait time of about 24 days. With UBERDOC, individuals bypass insurers’ bureaucratic policies and processes to take back control of their healthcare.

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Source: VC News Daily