bettr group fundingImage Credit: Bettr Group

Bettr Group has raised $14.6 million (2 million SGD) in the recent investment, from private equity and venture capital firm Heritas Capital, which was first investment deployment from the Heritas’ Asia Impact First Fund (AIFF).

Bettr Group is an impact-driven specialty coffee company that is also Southeast Asia’s first certified B-Corporation. Bettr Group provides professional beverage education, specialty coffee products for retail and wholesale, and large-scale events services for companies. It also operates retail coffee bars. Through Bettr Academy’s social training programmes, it upskills the marginalised communities and also hires them. It also supports small coffee farmers and promotes responsible sourcing and sustainable farming practices.

The company’s Founder & CEO is Pamela Chng, and it is headquartered in Harrison Rd, Singapore.

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