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Corelight, a leading provider of open network detection and response (NDR) solutions, announced today the successful closure of its Series E funding round, securing $150 million in investment. This latest round was led by Accel, with strategic contributions from Cisco Investments and CrowdStrike Falcon Fund.

The infusion of capital will empower Corelight to expedite its AI-driven security innovation, bolster its cloud-native security capabilities, and fortify data fusion partnerships with key players in the cybersecurity landscape. These advancements aim to deliver enhanced capabilities for Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts and incident response teams.

Commenting on the significance of this funding round, Corelight CEO Brian Dye remarked, “Customers and partners are broadly adopting Corelight to drive advances in AI-driven security operations, cloud visibility and detection, and next-generation SIEM platforms. We are excited to collaborate with CrowdStrike, Cisco, and Accel as we continue to innovate and serve the needs of our mutual customers.”

Corelight‘s open NDR platform has garnered significant attention from cybersecurity leaders. Notably, it has been selected by elite cybersecurity services teams at CrowdStrike, Mandiant, and the Black Hat NOC at Black Hat events. With over 40% year-over-year ARR growth and a remarkable 300% year-over-year growth in AI and SaaS-driven NDR solutions, Corelight stands as the industry’s fastest-growing scaled NDR platform.

Arun Mathew, partner at Accel, emphasized Corelight’s exceptional enterprise traction, battle-hardened open-source technology, and customer satisfaction, stating, “Corelight is remarkably well positioned to modernize legacy technologies and deepen technology partnerships with the most significant cybersecurity organizations and platforms around the globe.”

Janey Hoe, Vice President at Cisco Investments, highlighted the importance of driving visibility across hybrid and multi-cloud environments to address key security challenges and enhance cybersecurity posture.

Gur Talpaz, Vice President of Corporate Development at CrowdStrike and head of Falcon Fund, emphasized the transformative potential of Next-Gen SIEM, underscoring the value of third-party data from Corelight’s Open NDR Platform in enriching the telemetry of the Falcon platform.

This substantial investment underscores Corelight’s commitment to its open NDR strategy and its dedication to revolutionizing network security through innovation, strategic partnerships, and customer-centric solutions.

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