Nextmol, a pioneering spin-off company from the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre has announced the successful closure of its first funding round.

Barcelona based Nextmol drives forward R&D teams in the specialty chemicals industry. 

Traditionally, the chemical industry has relied on time-consuming and inefficient experimental methods for R&D. 

Nextmol’s Software-as-a-Service computational lab addresses this demand in specialty chemicals and stands out for its focus on complex polymer and surfactant chemistries. The solution significantly reduces both time and cost associated with R&D processes. By offering molecular characterisation without the need for chemical synthesis, 

Nextmol delivers up to 9 times cost savings and 5 times faster R&D timelines. 

The startup also supports customers’ Green Deal goals by helping them to design more sustainable chemicals. 

Today, the industry consumes 14 per cent of all oil and 8 per cent of all gas supply as feedstock and fuel while also impacting other industries, as more than 95 per cent of all manufactured goods involve chemical products.

ACT Venture Partners led the funding round (the amount raised was not specified) with participation from Axon Partners Group, Abac Nest Venture Capital and GROW Venture Partners.

Gokhan Guner, Managing Partner at ACT Venture Partners, sees Nextmol `as an accelerator in the chemical industry’s green and digital transition.” 

“Behind our decision to invest, there is Nextmol’s unique approach to addressing critical needs for accelerated and sustainable innovation in the chemical industry, its strong team with deep expertise, and its significant potential for growth and environmental impact.”

Luis Castañeda, partner at Axon Partners Group, comments:

“The chemicals industry is one of the largest consumers of fossil carbon supply for material use. 

We are confident that Nextmol will be a catalyst in driving the industry shift towards sustainability and digitisation with its pioneer approach to computational chemistry.”

Nextmol’s customer base includes reputable chemical companies and corporates- The  investment will fuel product development and growth, determining Nextmol’s position as a leader in the green and digital transformation of the chemical sector. 

Lead image: Nextmol. Photo: uncredited. 

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