SUIND fundingImage Credit: Pexels

AgriTech startup SUIND has raised Rs 5 crore (approx. €547K) in the recent seed funding round. The investment was led by early-stage venture capital firm Sunicon Ventures, with participation from Zetta Farms and other angel investors.

SUIND is working on the problems faced by farmers worldwide with crop loss. It uses computer vision, deep learning, smart sensing, and drone technology to solve agricultural problems. Globally, around 30% of crop yield loss happens before harvest due to reasons like pest attacks, fungal infections, etc., and SUILD is trying to solve this issue by ensuring the early detection of crop stress, diagnosing the causes using deep learning-based crop analytics, and providing the solution. Based on their analysis, their AI-powered autonomous drones can spray medicines in a targeted and precise manner to the plants that need them, even in the most unreachable areas.

This seed investment will aid the company in global expansion, especially in the European market, and accelerate its technological advancements.

The company’s co-founders are Kunal Shrivastava and Kevin Kleber, and it is headquartered in both India (Bengaluru, Karnataka) and Switzerland (Zurich).

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