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DeepTech, or deep technology startups, are those whose business models are built on significant scientific and engineering advancements that involve complex development processes. These startups solve real-world big problems that have not been solved before for decades and have the potential to change this world. These startups can bring substantial and transformative changes to various industries and involve cutting-edge research and development to deliver the results.

Deep technology companies may focus on industries like robotics, biotech, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, advanced materials, and more. The biggest and latest example of a deep tech startup that has brought an innovative product into the market that can bring potential advancements to humanity is OpenAI. Today, OpenAI is the talk of the town, and every person on this planet is using it somehow in their daily lives. So many new businesses and startups have been started based on OpenAI’s business and APIs. Its developments in the field of deep learning are top-notch and have changed many industries today. ChatGPT is one of the advanced language models developed by the company, and it is one of the largest and most powerful language models in the world till now.

Many other examples can be seen to understand how deep tech companies are. For instance, SpaceX is also one of the biggest deep tech startups we know about. Its development of reusable rocket technology and plans for space travel are deep tech initiatives. One more example of a deep tech initiative is when in a pandemic like COVID-19 biotech companies worked day and night to develop the vaccine, due to which we are alive today. The examples of deep tech can go on, like nuclear fusion, quantum computers, etc., but the thing is, deep tech startups are a boon to this society, and we need more of them to take humanity to another level.

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